Embracing the Uncertainty

I listened to Brené Brown’s Podcast “Unlocking Us” this morning. If you listen to anything, please do listen to this. I’m a huge Brené Brown fan. She’s a Storyteller and Researcher, who has written amazing books like “Braving the Wilderness” and the “Gifts of Imperfection”.  Beyond that, she’s a Clinical Social Worker. So am I. She’s a Professor. I was briefly Adjunct Faculty. She’s Episcopalian. So am I. 

And she is just plain awesome.

She said that middle-aged is somewhere between the 30’s and dead. Oh, yay!

I typed the title of the Podcast and I first typed “Untuck It”. Oh, geez. That wasn’t right. That was from last Christmas when I was buying gifts. Brene talks about acceptance and being awkward and uncomfortable. And being okay with your flaws and imperfections. And why it’s important to do that.

This is an incredibly difficult time. Having to self-quarantine or practice social distancing is challenging, for sure. We’re confused, overwhelmed and don’t know how to do this.

Years ago, I went to a workshop to listen to Virginia Satir. She was a Family Systems therapist and studied communications. I was so incredibly lucky. The workshop was great, but I was seated next to Virginia at lunch. She was authentic and kind and listened to each of us. She said, “People will choose the certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty.” She was right. We will often choose what is familiar even though we know it’s not good for us. 

Brené Brown says that feeling uncertain can make us believe we’re unsafe. That’s not true. There are things we can and should do. We know this will end; we don’t know when, but we know it will end.

I have an Instagram account @peggerns_therapist. I’ve gotten feedback that, while my travel and nature photos are nice, there are too many of them and not enough “professional” posts. I value that feedback. I got it from two people who I respect so much. 

Blogging and posting on Instagram is new to me. I’m having fun with it. It’s not necessarily natural for me. I’m a therapist and an introvert. I share these nature and travel photos because it’s a part of who I am. I love walking or hiking outdoors. I love traveling. And I believe that these photos can be used for meditation.  For me, they take me to places of calm and generosity and hope. So, in these uncertain times, I offer them to you. 

Listen to Brené Brown’s Podcast. Embrace uncertainty. Feel your feelings. I send you care, compassion and loving thoughts.

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